Forever Stamp by Cathie Bleck

April 08, 2014

Back in 2012, we featured artist Cathie Bleck in our August issue showing her paintings of fantastical worlds. Now we see her on a much smaller scale with beautiful simplistic intentions for a timeless art space. USPS commissioned her to create an image for a stamped card in celebration of the start of Spring. Fittingly, Bleck created a soft lively looking tree since she has always felt a connection to them from her childhood. “I have always had a deep reverence for trees since I grew up on my grandfather’s tree nursery” explains Bleck who used drawings made in her garden to reference. Made by using similar methods to woodblock printing, she started with scratchboard that was coated in white clay, inked it, and carved her outline. From the print of the outline, Bleck digitally colored it adding the natural hues to the tree. Bleck, in previous years, has designed stamps for USPS as shown above.

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