Ahead of a special screening on September 3 at Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco of his newest film, Ye Olde Destruction, artist, filmmaker, photographer Thomas Campbell shared with us a trailer and stills from his project. Campbell has been working on the project for the past seven years, shooting the self-funded, 16mm exploit, as he notes, "with a solid grip of shredders building and skating DIY spots, some street action, pools, and other stuff."

Campbell goes onto to tell us, "The movie is really about capturing sessions and the movement of the life and happenings in these situations. Part of the theme and vehicle that propels the film is the driving of two old cars (one 70s Cadillac and one black Ford station wagon), with two squads traveling around in these cars skating, building spots, creating different skating scenarios, sometimes skating the cars and basically wilding out in said vehicles. In some ways, the movie falls into the classic genera of the car movies movie motif, like Bullitt, Mad Maxx or Brown Bunny. The film is presented in brutal but somehow dreamscape editing style, with the jacked frenetic scribblings of world renowned Berlin based artist/zine maker, Sergej Vutuc, adding his iconic script to the mix."

In September, Campbell's Um Yeah Books will publish a companion book to the film, featuring photography by Brian Gaberman, Jai Tanju, French Fred, Arto Saari, Anthony Acosta and Thomas Campbell. Pre-order now.