Wong Ping creates digital and sculptural works that reveal very human, often universal fantasies through absurd narratives. Drawing anecdotally from personal social encounters, Ping elaborates stories into darkly humorous tales that touch on political and cultural anxieties. Digitally rendered in a seductive, technicolor language that recalls the modernism of Fernand Leger, the pop languages of Tom Wesselman and Allen Jones, as well as the design aesthetic of The Memphis Group, Wong's simple yet seductive animations, disguise a deeper social critique of technological modernity.

His UK debut solo exhibition at Camden Art Centre includes new inflatable sculptures, video installations, and two recent works, Fables 1 (2018) and Fables 2 (2019). These films are tales of morality, re-written for our dystopian age, modern-day Aesop's Fables.

Wong's creatures, including a convicted capitalist cow, a three-headed homicidal rabbit, and a telepathic tree, become the focal points of subversive domestic fantasies, holding a mirror to our own humanity. Ping is the inaugural recipient of the Camden Art Centre's new Emerging Artist Prize. You can watch more of Wong's animations here.