On Sunday May 17, 2020, former Juxtapoz cover artist Timothy Curtis collaborated with artist Mike Levy and musician Steve Gunn for "Alive -n- Well," an intimate IG Live performance bringing music and art together inside an installation created by Curtis at albertz benda in NYC. 

Last summer Curtis lost one of his younger brothers, Kendoe, to the opioid crisis and mishandling of police and prison officials. Just two weeks before his passing, Kendoe wrote "Alive -n- Well... 2019" on a dumpster in Philly not knowing that his world would soon be cut short. In response, Curtis created a memorial to the loss of his brother and countless other friends and family: a personal depiction of the opioid crisis and the corruption of our prison and parole systems. The story and installation is a celebration of life, loss, friendship, community and the process involved working in the company of friends, family, musicians and other artists. The installation itself was first premiered at the Armory Show in 2020. 

The project was streamed by Juxtapoz Magazine, Timothy Curtis, Steve Gunn, Icy Signs and Bowery Presents, and this video captures that special performance in-situ.