Watch: Stick To It, Episode 3: "Sticker Art"

June 01, 2017

After presenting Episodes 1 & 2 of the short 4-part documentary, Stick To It, today we present the 3 episode, "Sticker Art," looking into the methods and major players who have used stickers as a means of spreading their art, messaging, and visual identity. "The big brands use the street, so why not, if you’re an artist, use the street to let people see your work," say artist DB BURKEMAN of NYC.

As noted with the short film, what makes stickers so great is that they help you to customize your environment and make it yours. Whether it is a bedroom door, a freshman’s fridge, a laptop or a notebook, stickers help you in the appropriation of your surrounding. In a way, stickers activate the creative fiber in many individuals.

We wrote in an earlier description of the series that each episode of Stick to It delves deep into the DIY aesthetic, community, and message that sticker culture has spread across the world. Or shall we say, "Why should stickers be celebrated in today's culture?" In the end, the 4-part series is an intimate and historically documentary on the growth of sticker culture, a part of Juxtapoz's history that is as tied in as zines and comic book cultures.

Featuring: Shepard Fairey, El Toro, Dusty Rebel, DB Burkeman, Veng RWK, Above, Chris RWK, Royce Banon.

Directed by Alexis Deforges

This Episode of STICK TO IT Was Made Possible By Jakprints // In Collaboration with Wallplay 

Soundtrack courtesy of Born Bad records