Wasted Land 2

September 30, 2016

In "Wasted Land 2," three solitary vandals (WOLFTITS, AVOID, and SMELLS) meet each other while seeking out the meaning behind the enigmatic artwork left behind by UFO (another nomadic artist). Roaming from one decaying zone to the next, in a never ending search for beer, weed, and a wall to paint- these artists form a pact with the other remaining desperate survivors (played by RAMBO, NOXER, EKG, and others). Through the practice of their ritualistic art- they will seek to attain truth and ultimately receive the answer to the question of their futility- “what’s the point?”

Director of Photography David Vlasits Additional Camera Jeffrey Lacascio and Jason Summers
Editor Lee Eaton Sound Travis Breitenbach Artwork by UFO 907

Andrew H. Shirley finds an obsession living in experimentation. Like his original WASTEDLAND (10 min/ B&W/ 2008), he asked several prominent graffiti artists to create costumes and masks in the vision of what they believed to be their spirit animals. Then using the landscape in which these individuals are used to employing as a backdrop to their artwork, they traveled from the mountains of Upstate New York to Black Mountain, North Carolina filming in many squalid buildings and freight train yards along the way- illegally. Using the cliche "what's the point?" as a central theme, Shirley and his cast explored various philosophical answers while maintaining a satirical tongue in the process. The mystical theme of the seeker was incorporated into the ideology of production- letting the film write itself from narrative exploration and unscripted improvisation. It was not until the film had been edited that the script finally finished itself.

After a tour of North America, the film having been dubbed in Japanese, Spanish, German, and French- has hopes of a global tour in 2017.