USC is well known for its highly esteemed School of Cinematic Arts, with notable alumni such as directors Judd Apatow and George Lucas, the school has left a huge footprint in the world of film and entertainment. Many films, such as "The Graduate," "Legally Blonde," and "Forrest Gump" have all filmed scenes on USC’s campus. Each entering class is incredibly small and subjected to a 3% acceptance rate, which is actually more competitive than Harvard Business School. One of the stepping stones in this process is for the students to submit their film thesis. Because of the diverse culture of California, these young film makers come from many different backgrounds with their own stories to tell. We picked out two of our favorites here (please note the first feature starts at 1:32):––Iqvinder Singh

Warm Sweets from Isaac Deol on Vimeo.

Sadboy/Starboy from Aaron Ashby on Vimeo.