For the past few years, the Nuart Festival has been working with filmmakers MZM Projects on documentaries about not just the history of the prestigious and important street art festival and academic program, but to better understand the context of the festival in the history of outsider and counter-culutre art movements. MZM created the "Imaginary City" short that gave an overview of the festival's history, and they recently completed "The Tunnels," a film shot at the 2019 Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway, dedicated to “Brand New, You’re Retro” exhibition at the Tou Scene brewery tunnels that the festival uses each year for installation projects.

“Brand New, You’re Retro” exhibition takes its cue from a 1995 track by Bristol artist and producer Tricky. The exhibition plays host to eleven visiting artists representing a variety of practices (such as independent public art, street art, muralism, public intervention, subvertising, graffiti etc.) with a common background – a movement that was based on DIY approach, experimentation, cultural appropriation, creativity with the focus on the streets.

“The Tunnels” aims to explore the deeper meanings and the context of the art created for the show. It uses the critical approach and analysis in relation to the history of the movement; as well as fragments of artists’ talks, excerpts from the news, interviews and curatorial text by Martyn Reed that were resampled and infused with the lyrics from the Tricky’s “Brand New, You’re Retro”. The lines from this track (voiced with computer-generated speech) now sound provisional in relation to the art created in the tunnels and symbolically highlight the legacy of Bristol’s underground scene of 90s.