The Adventures of Optimstuey: A Graffiti Mini-Doc

July 13, 2018

“UCIT Vietnam - The Adventures of Optimstuey” is a 15-minute alternative-lifestyle / graffiti mini-documentary depicting the exploits of two Bay Area graffiti artists traveling abroad.

Forgoing the usual tropes and, often, negative connotations associated with some underground graffiti videos, this depiction of Optimist and Udon's travels instead focuses on more positive aspects of the culture. For some locals - the youth, specifically - it’s a first glimpse at graffiti and modern art, in general. Often inspirational, the interactions are largely positive. Welcomed with open arms, the duo has been embraced by locals, internationally, and reminds us of graffiti’s folk art roots and innocence: giving a voice to the otherwise voiceless, and an immediate outlet for individuality and self-expression. All while representing a distinctly Bay Area style and aesthetic. Directed by Justin Alexander Tuan Smith edited by @mariovsm - the video is a brief cinematic journey set to music that transports the viewer to a Vietnam not often seen in your average “travel show.”

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