Superchief Gallery NY is proud to present SCRATCH MOVIES, a series of film screenings taking place Saturday, August 17th in Ridgewood NY. Live presentations by Charlie Ahearn, the director of "Wild Style", Art Jones, and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, the inventor of the Scratch Wild Style Mix will all take place, all part of the Bloody Gums group show REVERT. Presented in conjunction with PBR Art.

Charlie Ahearn (born 1951 in Binghamton, New York) is an American film director and creative cultural artist living in New York City. Although predominantly involved in film and video production, he is also known for his work as an author, freelance writer, and radio host.

Superchief opens doors at 7 pm on Saturday, August 17th, screenings start at 8 pm. Tickets available here



  • Deadly Art of Survival clips 1978 - super8mm aprox 10 min. Nathan Ingram stars in this brutal and funny martial arts film shot in the Smith projects, LES (north of the Brooklyn Bridge) 
  • New York City Hip Hop Convention 1980 made with Fab 5 Freddy in prep for Wild Style stars Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Grand Master Caz, Lovebug Starski  probably the first film of hip hop.
  • Scratch Slide Show  1978-1983. Scratch mix by Grand Wizard Theodore inventor of scratching.
  • Power To The People with Nine 11 Thesaurus  - bullhorning their way around the block in 2009.
  • All City (Take It To The Bridge) 2010 Nine 11 Thesaurus and Lucky Chops brass band 6 min. Art Jones worked on this and did camera.
  • Dirtstyle hitting trains in le Metro after hours  2014 11 min.
  • Empathy Test  2019 4:17 by Art Jones. A letter to a Nationalist by the last undesirable departing for the planet Jupiter.
  • Dancing Industry  2016 So So Glos BK's finest with Waffle Crew dancers on the Q train Attachments area.