Polly Nor Gets Animated

December 07, 2016

Polly Nor was recently featured in our magazine and we love the way she illustrates stories of powerful women confronting and embracing their shadow selves. We were thrilled to see Polly's work in motion, thanks to a collaboration with Andy Baker for her new music video for Chelou's "Halfway to Nowhere."

We caught up with Ms. Nor to find out more about this project. "The song is all about feeling lost in life and consumed by self-doubt. The story follows a woman trapped in a grotesque and devilish manifestation of her subconscious. Lost in this strange place, she’s led to confront her demons and make peace with herself. Andy and I first met earlier this year on a little project we did for Dr. Martens. I really enjoyed working with him and loved his style of animation so when Chelou first asked me about doing the video to this track, I was really keen to get Andy on board. It was really cool working together on this and seeing all my characters come to life properly for the first time. Hopefully there will be more to come." Indeed.