Mrzyk and Moriceau's "DickTheDog" Champions Safe Sex

February 15, 2017

Mrzyk and Moriceau recently completed an animated short called "#DickTheDog" for the MTV Stayling Alive Foundation to promote safe sex on Valentine's day.

"Forget flowers, cheesy cards and chocolates. V-Day is the perfect time to embrace your naughty side and get talking about sex. But what about talking about safe sex? Bit of a moodkiller, right? WRONG. Meet Dick The Dog. A cheeky canine chappy who just LOVES exploring (ahem) holes, Dick’s wild walk in the park is seriously restricted by his lack of protective clothing. Until his owner finds him the perfect little raincoat to wear, that is. Once suited up, there’s a whole world of fun ready to greet him…"