Making Space: Shotgun Art with Former Baseball Pitcher, Bill “Spaceman” Lee

June 29, 2018

Bill X called and got me out to the local bar. He wanted to do something with former Red Sox and Expos pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee. We just had the floors refinished in our apartment and I was loopy on polyurethane fumes. “William Burroughs wrote under the pseudonym of Bill Lee,” I said, “and William S. Burroughs made shotgun art, shooting paint cans and splattering them onto wood. So we should go make shotgun art with Bill Lee."

Bill Lee was into the idea. I saved 400 all-but-empty spray cans from a mural I did that summer, then bought thick white sign metal and painted strike zone boxes on them. Todd Mazer came on to film it all. One weekend in October, we drove up to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and Spaceman thoughtfully set up and blew away the empty cans from about sixty feet, six inches away.

Philosophy, art, and baseball were discussed.

The paintings are to be sold for charity. There's no commercial purpose to this at all. Sometimes you just get an idea. —Text by Caleb Neelon

Produced by Caleb Neelon
Filmed by Todd Mazer
Produced by Bill X
Edited by Jason Magarca