Looking through our archives this weekend, we came across a post we did in 2013 on Lucy McCrae's disturbing and powerful short film, "Meet Your Maker." The stunning visuals pre-dated the work of Ex Machina, which also centered around the idea of humans and genetic/tech engineering. 

As McCare describes of the film: Make Your Maker takes genetic engineering to the extreme, depicting a world where technology is liquid and the human body is cloned to the point of a food source. 

Food and Body Inseparable – Make Your Maker takes the concept of genetic manipulation to extreme; where gender and ego are blended like a chef makes a cake and human edible clones are consumed for sensory enhancement. The deliberate modification of life led Lucy to question her own genetic make up; “What if we could choose our own human traits; or if our parents could choose what they give us?”

Assembling the body from scratch in the kitchen where technology and biology merge, may seem absurd – But its important to hover the imagination and discuss how scientific breakthroughs are slowly reconstructing the body.