Juxtapoz and PBR share a particular kinship when it comes to design. We like icons that get altered, remixing the classics with original art by some of the most up-and-coming artists and designers on the scene.

PBR is a familiar brand in the art scene already, being that they are not only the beverage of choice at many an opening, but over the last five years, they have built an art program via their Art Can contest. (As well as through various projects throughout the world, where there's no doubt that helping artists make money from their work is at the front end of the decision-making process.)

During the 2019 LA Design Festival, Juxtapoz and PBR teamed up for a special panel discussion and presentation on not only the history of the Art Can contest, but how brands can better integrate new art into their already iconic logos and familiar branding. Alongside PBR, we also talked with some of the artists who have participated in the contest, how the Art Can project has taken shape and how it has impacted some of the participating artists.

Thanks to Andrew Heard, Richie Velazquez, Charles Kendall and Tenbeete Solomon for the great conversation. Until next time...