"If one agrees that painting penetrates into spaces in which concepts become blurred and words lose their competence, then one accepts the management of undercurrents that unfold their own magnetism." Wow. Just wow. When we interviewed German painter, Neo Rauch, in our Spring 2019 issue, he displayed a special talent for verbal and visual expression. He’s a favorite painter, a monumental, almost mythical artist.

This particular documentary, Neo Rauch: Comrades and Companions, filmed over 3 years by German filmmaker Nicola Graef, captures the intense intimacy we were thrilled to capture in our interview. This is a fascinating portrait of the elusive artist, as it reveals nuances in the life and practice of a major contemporary artist, from process to relationships with dealers and collectors. In what has become Saturday everyday during this crazy freeze of normal daily life, kick back and savor this film

The quick synopsis:  "The film is focusing on Neo Rauch himself: For the first time in years he talks in front of the camera about his approach to art, about his universe of images and about his personal past, deeply affected by the early loss of his parents. Director Nicola Graef shows the artist at work in his studio, observes critical dialogs with his artist wife Rosa Loy and discusses with international collectors, gallery owners and art lovers the phenomenon Neo Rauch."

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