As the art world will come to a standstill for the next few weeks or months due the Coronavirus, Juxtapoz will be highlighting a series of films, classic interviews and documentaries that we hope people will watch during their downtime. For the past few years on our Instagram account, we have been presenting #JuxSaturdaySchool, informative and vintage shorts from the world of art, curated by Josh Jefferson. Now we will extend Jux Saturday School to our site, curated by the staff and contributors of Juxtapoz. Today, we take a look Herb and Dorothy, an extraordinary film about two middle class New Yorkers who amassed one of the great art collections of the 20th Century. 

Upon it's release, it seemed almost too surreal: a postal clerk and a school librarian in New York City had amassed not only one of the great art collections of their time, but an influential collection. Megumi Sasaki's film not only looked into the Vogel's story, but how they collected, the things that caught their eye. For us at Juxtapoz, it not only showed you how to collect art, but how to really love the arts and support them without going bankrupt. Chuck Close, Christo, and many gallerists are interviewed, making it pretty comprehensive. Although Herb Vogel passed away in 2012, and a second doc Herb and Dorothy 50x50 was released, this one our favorite. 

Where can you stream: DVD, Netflix not in United States
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