We are super excited today to present a new documentary short from our good friend and Radio Juxtapoz co-host, Doug Gillen of FifthWallTV, "Is New Brighton a future model for the British Seaside Town?. Gillen is a passionate documentarian of all things street art, currently fixated on how the once-and-sometimes rebellious and socially activist art form is adopted for gentrification and corporate commercial projects. He presents New Brighton in the UK as an historical city in transition that has embraced public art as a way to attract visitors and residents. The seaside town is steeped in the romanticism of sandy beaches, sailor and smugglers, and Gillen digs into both how a city evolves and can utilize art to re-ignite towns facing economic hardship. As American communities face similar challenges, there is much to learn from New Brighton’s proactive approach to changing tides of time.