Horizontal: Alicia Keys on Famed Artist JR's New Show at Perrotin, NYC

July 03, 2018

 "We experience borders in completely different ways depending on where we were born. To me personally, being born in France has helped me—it’s allowed me to be on the Palestinian side and the Israeli side, for example, in the same day. For a lot of people that would be impossible. In my work, I’ve always used the fact that I would only get evicted or arrested, whereas someone from another country might go to jail for years for trying the exact same thing. I use that to go and work in different countries and install artworks in places where the local people can’t. In this show, I go from the most physical, constructed, manmade border on this planet [in Kikito] to the natural border of the ocean [in Women Are Heroes] to the invisible border [in Face 2 Face]."

—JR, on his show, "Horizontal," on view at Perrotin Gallery, NYC, JUNE 28 - AUGUST 17, 2018

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