First Looks at Matt Groening's New Netflix animation, “Disenchantment”

June 29, 2018

Netflix continues with the big coups, announcing recently a new show with "The Simpsons" creator, Matt Groening. "Disenchantment" will be coming to the streaming service, August 17, and with his signature style and character looks, he moves beyond The Simpsons and Futurama, or should we say, behind, as the new show goes back to some more medieval fantasy world.

From the Verge, the tralier starts in "(The) world called Dreamland, as a king lifts the hood off a 'no good pile of scum' prisoner, only to discover that it’s his own daughter, Bean. Bean is described as a 'hard-drinking' princess, and the show will follow her and her two companions, an elf named Elfo (voiced by comedy actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter Nat Faxon) and a demon named Luci (voiced by actor and TV host Eric Andre)." 

We can't wait!