Juxtapoz and If You Were Now previously shared a small tutorial by Marcel Dzama entitled, "How To Draw Bat." Today, Dzama, a Calgary-born, Brooklyn based artist, shares how to take that drawing and transform it to painting. 

Here is our summary from our previous post: When we teamed up with If You Were Here Now, we knew Dzama was a perfect artist for a tutorial and art therapy session. His music choices and topics are always so specially produced, distinct with a certain aesthetic that can only be from the hand and mind of Dzama. Today, the Brooklyn-based artist will teach us how to paint a bat, a feature that shows up in his fine art work frequently. Bats are known to symbolize death and rebirth, often referred to as “Guardians of the Night.” In a moment in our global consciousness that has both extreme travesty and a need to understand our future growth, we are happy to share this video today.

If you want to see more art tutorials and studio sessions, please visit https://www.ifyouwereherenow.art/