2017 In Review: Ai Weiwei's Masterful Documentary Film on the World's Refugee Crisis, "Human Flow"

December 30, 2017

 It's no secret that Ai Weiwei has become one of the most important political artists of his time, and that his documentary film, "Human Flow," about refugee crises around the world not only spoke to his personal life but one of the great humanitarian crises of the last 100 years, was poignant and powerful. Not unlike the career shift with Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop," which took the scope of the British artist's work and broadened it to make it understandable to a greater audience, Ai Weiwei has taken his celebrity in the contemporary art world and perhaps not only changed the trajectory of his own work, but changed the way a broader audience understands the world around them.

Human Flow still has showtimes around the US, and you can host a screening as well.