A nice show that just opened in San Francisco... Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce Feral Creatures, a group show curated by Stephanie Chefas. A celebratory mix of the real and fantastic, “Feral Creatures” explores connections between the human spirit and the animal kingdom.

This exhibition presents contemporary artists whose inherent aesthetic employs beasts both fierce and docile as allegorical vehicles for life's struggles and bliss. Each artist was chosen based on their natural mystique and ability to render beauty and grace with a skillful hand. By shining a spotlight on the wild, these artists allow the viewer to examine our reality through a broad tapestry of myth, imagination and animal behavior.

Featuring the inspired works of Michael Alm, J.A.W. Cooper, Peter Gronquist, Michael Page, Caitlin Hackett, Anita Kunz, Christina Mrozik, Jason Wheatley, Zoë Williams, and Kikyz1313.

About the Curator: Stephanie Chefas is founder and curator of the art website Platinum Cheese. In addition to her online ventures, Stephanie curates several exhibitions annually that highlight a diverse group of emerging and established artists with an emphasis on cultivating new talent.