Feature: Dabs Myla in Conversation with New2

August 15, 2012


Dabs Myla's big 'Marvelous Expeditions' show is coming up on Sat, Sept. 1st at Thinkspace. The duo have put together a fun lil' set of questions combining some of the favorite questions they've been asked over the past few years as well as a few show specific travel related questions to spice things up. Today, they speak with New2.


This special exhibit will featured over 20 new works from Dabs Myla, a huge installation with a very special guest artist helping out (details to follow) and a group show they have curated featuring 32 of their friends all creating works on 16 x 20 cradled wood panels provided by the duo and built by Craola's dad George Simkins.


Thinkspace is pleased to present the highly anticipated 'Marvelous Expeditions' by Dabs Myla and Friends. In the spirit of travel and all things wonderfully itinerant, acclaimed duo Dabs Myla will take over the gallery space and will feature new work and an installation alongside curated selections from 30 of their closest and most inspiring artist friends. The gallery will in effect become a locus of meeting and communal exchange, as artists from all over the world are brought together by Dabs Myla to share their experiences of traveling through its landscapes.


'Marvelous Expeditions' showcases the duo’s love of friends, collegiality, exchange, and the proliferation of vision and variety that thrives alongside constant movement and displacement. These are the exploratory impulses of travel that lead to constant revisions, reconstitutions, influences, and to the indelible encounters that change everything.


Featuring 16x20 works from:

123 Klan Aaron, De La Cruz, Askew, Augustine Kofie, Axis, Cat Cult, Dabs Myla, Dscreet, Dvate, EINE, Elliot Francis Stewart, Ephameron, Greg Lamarche, Honkey Kong (aka Adam Hathorn), Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriguez, KC Ortiz, KEM5, Logan Hicks, Luke Chueh, Mark Mulroney, Meggs, Misery, NEW2, Pose, Remi Rough, Revok, Rime, Stormie Mills, Tatiana Suarez, Tom Gerrard, Tristan Eaton, Witnes, The Yok.




New2 began painting in Australia in the early 1980s. He is a founding member of the Da Mad Artists (DMA) crew who were prominent figures in the Australian train writing movement. He was part of the first generation of writers and street artists to gain recognition outside of Australia. New2 is still writing on walls and also investigating other areas of his creative field, utilizing paper collage, ceramic versions of his lettering, and wooden sculptures. He has exhibited in both group and solo shows in Australia, United States and Europe. He currently resides in Belgium.


Last time you traveled? To where?

A few weeks ago, an afternoon sortie to Amsterdam, we got in, we got out...


Favorite country / city you've visited?

So far, Perugia in Italy. A beautiful hill top city with pre-renaissance architecture, a slow enough pace, kind people, good food and coffee.


Planes, Trains or Automobiles?

Yep, all of 'em and my Quadangle.




Window seat or isle? Chicken or Fish?

Just not the seat in between window or aisle on long hauls as to avoid the awkwardness of falling asleep and/or dribbling on a strangers shoulders too much.


The veg meal except they usually pan out to be vegan and you miss out on all the nice stuff the other passengers get, cheese etc.


What is your favorite road trip song / artist or album?

To stay awake driving, any album by The Bronx.


What fuels you to keep creating?

Lately I'm inspired to work with the help of physics docos, extended psyche jams, the kinds of things that broaden my notions of possibilities. Also coffee, chocolate and the idea that aerosol writing can have vitality, depth and continue to progress. Other than that it's just an insurmountable addiction!


Please describe your dream project if time and money were not issues.

Ah easy. I want to stay in a reasonably remote forest area, say for 3 or 6 months without internet, preferably free of people, bears, snakes and the like. So maybe in Europe.


I want to take a few pallets of spray paint, a good camera and have a large wall at my disposal to just paint, paint, paint. I think I could take my psychonaut approach to letters way out there without societal distractions. Man, nature, wood splitter and spray paint is what I'm thinking.


If not further deepening my take on letter form, it would at least be an interesting documentation of a dude loosing his marbles on a dumb quest in the woods!


Do you have a favorite item from your studio that you always make sure you take on a trip? For example... reference book, lucky balaclava, favorite brush etc..

My one superstition is I have to take my crusty old back pack out on missions. I won't go and paint without it. In the last decade I have skipped taking it once and I got arrested and beaten up while painting. It's like a cloak of invisibility or something!


Least favorite part of making art? And your favorite part...

Least favorite would be trying to get started some days when I allow other things get in the road of being able to concentrate. Take housework for example.


The favorite would be feeling that it has developed a little step further on each completed work, propelling me to ideas for the next piece




If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Probably the band Hawkwind. I' ld love to have done a cover for one of their earlier albums.


Ever picked up a hitch hiker?... Have you ever been a hitchhiker?

Yes and yes. I've hitched mainly up and down the east coast of Australia with all manner of freaks and crazy situations on motorbikes, cars, trucks, and vans. I almost hitched in a light aircraft once but the plane was going to be too overloaded with our bags.


Something you wish you would have known 5 years ago?

Not much, I'm all for surprises.



Dabs Myla & Friends

Marvelous Expeditions

Opening Reception: Sat, Sept. 1st 5-9PM

On view Sept. 1st through Sept. 22nd at Thinkspace

Culver City, California