Supreme taps NYC Graffiti Legend Lee Quinones for Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

February 13, 2018

It should come as no surprise that famed fashion/skate brand Supreme would tap an art giant for a new collection (past collaborations have included Cindy Sherman and Basquiat), and for the Spring/Summer 2018, they grabbed NYC graffiti legend Lee Quinones (Juxtapoz cover artist, April 2011)for a few pieces and accessories.

You probably know LEE from his role in the film Wild Style, or being one of the major figures to take graffiti from the subways of NYC to major gallerires and museums around the world alongside the likes of Basquiat, Haring and FUTURA. Classics like this handball court below show LEE's style. 

His collection with Supreme will feature two jackets, pants, shorts, a hoodie and skate deck. See more in the gallery above. 

sdut graffiti art highlighted in nyc exhibition 2014feb03
Photo by Charlie Ahearn, 1978

Lee Q Juxtapoz cover

See the full Supreme line here.