For years, Louis Vuitton has been presenting the Travel Book series, where an artist spends time in a city or region that is not their own and creates a body of work in response to their travels and immersion. One of our favorites, NYC-based Kelly Beeman and our Summer 2020 cover artist, went to Saint Petersburg, Russia for the series, and created a body of work that played off the many unique traits of the city. Baroque architecture next to Stalinist era minimalism, incredible colors next to the dark and stone greys, colorful clothing amongst the densely populated city. 

One of the things that makes Beeman's work so special is her ability to fantasize even our most mundane experiences. She can turn a scene in a cul-de-sac into a cinematic moment. With the backdrop of such a beautiful city, Beeman here focuses on her brilliance with color and patterns, enhanching the fantasty of fashion and travel. It makes the works feel romantic and nostalgic, even if one hasn't traveled to Russia before. Beeman has that gift, to make you feel nostalgic and reminiscent of a place that you haven't been to. But now I want to go to Saint Petersburg even more... —Evan Pricco