Fashion, the clothes we wear, is such a personal choice. Even subconsciously, what we choose to put on day after day is an immediate identifier, from a Dior dress to Supreme hoodie, Birkenstocks to Air Jordans, what we adorn on our bodies either brings attention to ourselves or heightens a sense of individuality. As a fashion designer, whether DIY or in one of the Paris studios of famed lore, that personality takes creativity, and that sense of selfhood is heightened in Mode Brut, a collaboration between Creativity Explored and the Museum of Craft and Design featuring unique fashion by over 50 Creativity Explored artists. 

Creativity Explored is a San Francisco-based studio that, since 1983, "partners with developmentally disabled artists to celebrate and nurture the creative potential in all of us." In the Outsider Art tradition, the organization has put art at the forefront of not only a creative life, but an essential right. With Mode Brut, the organization looks at fashion from a new angle. The show partners Creativity Explored Studio Line, thecommunity art collective Bonanza, Queer advocate and model Yanni Brumfield, and San Francisco-based Haute Couture fashion brand Tokyo Gamine with an ongoing list of Creativity Explored artists, allowing fashion to take centerstage as a collective and collaborative practice. Advocating to rethink fashion as inclusive and essential part of art in our everyday lives, Mode Brut reinvents how we see fashion, how we determine our individual taste and the purity of wearing the clothes we see ourselves as. —Evan Pricco