Famous Faces Behind the Scenes Captured by Michael Tighe

July 21, 2012

Faces are the main way people are recognized, unless you suffer from prosopagnosia (a disorder that the famed painter Chuck Close is diagnosed with). The power of the face is what makes images of pop culture celebrities so compelling: they speak to the masses in a way that many other images cannot. What is great about these photographs by Michael Tighe is seeing these iconic faces out of their usual contexts and often times capturing the movie stars in their personal homes. The images seem cinematic, but they belong to no particular movie. Rather they lie in the image bank of Tighe's archives cataloguing many of the famous actors from the 70s to the present. Sean Penn with his family, Elizabeth Taylor driving and giving you the bird, and Sandra Bullock at home on the crapper are some of the unusual and surreal images shown here, bringing the viewer to a world not seen in the movies, but exclusively limited to the liminal spaces of the famous.