Facial Fallout Series by Reiner Hansen

September 30, 2013

Recently, I hopped on the subway to sit for a portrait at Reiner Hansen’s Brooklyn studio and I got see the new series she had been telling me about. In these square format paintings (all 16x16 inches), Reiner merges her own likeness with cliche female types depicted in the media. These women sometimes look like desperate housewives, Walmart shoppers, plastic surgery victims, and crazed Alpha females. The paintings are brilliant and humorous and its been fun to find glimpses of the real Reiner’s personality buried deep behind the mask of altered identity. In one brilliant work she merged herself with Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. That would be like me merging myself with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh. I wonder if she started to have real moments of empathy for these figures, deeply considering what it might be like in their shoes... Very much looking forward to seeing the new paintings as this series continues to pan out. —David Molesky

Reiner Hansen’s statement about the Facial Fallout series:

The self portraits are synthesized from many different photos of women in the media. I see these female types as having contrasting properties: both seductive and repulsive, flamboyant but needy, powerful yet victims of their own exhibitionism, ...they are consumed with advertising themselves. They are all desperately grabbing for attention, paralleling my own experience as an artist, aggressively desiring exposure in the art world.

For more information visit: reinerhansen.com