Everything, All the Time, Always: Sadie Barnette @ Double Break

April 27, 2012

Currently at Double Break in San Diego is a solo show by San Diego-based artist and Oakland-native Sadie Barnette. The show is unique for Double Break as it consumes the entire store and gallery, spanning the entire space, a format that did not apply to previous shows, creating an immersive environment full of Barnette's impeccable graphite renderings, photographs, and objects. The show will be on view until Saturday, May 12th.


Here's some details from the press:


"Using drawing, photography, and objects, Barnette constructs “a visual language system out of sub-culture codes and West Coast vernacular, economic formalism, text, and abstractions.” Her work stems from an investment in place and location, though it is the notion of specificity itself, rather than any specific locale that she is most compelled by. Projecting outwards from a place, say Oakland, California, she is invested in the study of location, the “weight and content of the specificity of the local.” This study begins in one place, but it can go anywhere. Specificity is universal; Barnette’s findings are urgent. The poetics of her gesture and the fineness of her line illuminate this urgency, these fragile yet tenacious binaries. It is within the sumptuousness of brilliant, saturated color in a lush tumble of sneaker-laces; the allure and impossibility of a sky made of glitter; the harsh perfection of the grid, flexible but absolute; and the velvet, tactile softness of graphite that an uncompromising yet generous commitment to the real and the specific lie. In Barnette’s work, what is at stake is “the gravity of the urban as fantasy; extralegal economies; luxury as drug; counterfeit capitalism; glitter as hypnotic; outer space as head space; the everyday as gold, family, and lived identity experience; and the party.”