Everyday Objects Turned Art Sculptures by Adam Niklewicz

April 28, 2012

It is always nice to see sense of humor in the art world, and the sculptures of Polish-born, American-based Adam Niklewicz, where he takes everyday household objects and furnishings and transforms them into sculptures, is some of the more playful work we have seen around in quite some time. As curator Steve Holmes writes, "His work evokes not homeland, but rather the absurdity of nostalgia, the futility of trying to be in any place other than the liminal space of the prefixed-American."

Holmes goes on to write, "Neither fully Polish nor fully American, Niklewicz creates work that is ultimately about the folly of romanticizing a past that no longer exists. Niklewicz’s piece Romantycznosc, a piece of Polish sausage carved into a flute upon which a musician, commissioned by the artist, plays a Polonaise, brings together two emblems of Polish culture, one culinary and one musical, in an absurd collision where nostalgia, self awareness, and the Romantic are all equal causalities."

via gessato