Evan Roth "View In Room" @ XPO Gallery, Paris

Oct 10, 2013 - Nov 16, 2013Xpo Gallery, Paris

Still trying to figure out what Mr. Roth will be presenting in his first Paris solo show, View in Room, opening on October 10  at Xpo Gallery, but his new Vine videos and tweets are starting to unveil the look. Here is the gist of the show from one of the best multimedia artists working today: The title View In Room comes from a common feature of art-for-sale websites that allows the user to view a piece of art on a virtual wall. This collection attempts to more thoughtfully engage in bringing Internet-influenced art offline, while respecting the gallery and the Internet as two unique mediums.

Check Roth's Twitter for some of the Vine videos: https://twitter.com/evanroth_