Evan Hecox "Dark Island" @ Joshua Liner, NYC

May 23, 2012

Denver-based Evan Hecox, one of our personal favorites on the site, is about to open a new body of work, Dark Island, at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC on May 24, 2012. The exhibition, featuring acrylic and gouache works on vintage newspaper, is inspired by Hecox’s recent walks across lower Manhattan and west Brooklyn.

As Liner Gallery notes, "As in earlier series inspired by specific locales, the artist focuses here on telling urban fragments: a building façade, rooftop, isolated alleyway, waterfront, or elevated train trellis. Working precisely from photographs, he uses a highly refined process to subtract certain elements, laying down a skeletal vestige of a remembered setting that is then reimagined (or 'amplified') with painterly techniques. Though photography is an early stage in his artmaking practice and employed only as a reference, Hecox relishes the use of his near-obsolete cameras and film, noting, 'I like to have a high level of materials and artistry run through the whole process'.”


In honor of the Hecox' first New York themed body of work, Joshua Liner will be offering Five Boroughs as a 15-color screen print with a digital underlay to recreate the vintage newspaper from the original work. This print is available as a limited edition of 30, signed and numbered by the artist. Seen below...



Evan Hecox

Dark Island

May 24 to June 23, 2012

Joshua Liner Gallery

New York, New York