William Hundley / Hector Hernandez: Absurd Aesthetics

January 24, 2013

William Hundley (born 1976) is an American artist born in St. Paul, Minnesota who is currently living and working in Austin, Texas. In an article on Sight Unseen, Hundley is quoted as saying, “My work started with the influence of Erwin Wurm and Maurizio Cattelan, these absurdists. I love the practical-joke nature of it; if I can make humor and beautiful aesthetics come together, that’s the biggest powerhouse I can imagine.” One of his series of photographs, entitled “Little Naked Person Storage,” consists of photographs of naked people hiding in various places around the average American household. His photography has been featured in numerous publications and countless blogs and websites.


Images from the 'Fugue States' series were a collaboration between William Hundley and Hector Hernandez.