Vienna Feature: Gustav Klimt

September 04, 2014

“Klimt was exceptionally animal-like. His body exuded a peculiar odor. As a woman, one was really afraid of him.” This is a quote from Hilde Roth, one of the models that was prone to hanging about Gustav Klimt's studio in packs. The artist we all know best for gorgeous, gilded paintings like "The Kiss" was also very frank in his eroticism--he painted his models nude first, and then painted on clothes and surrounded them with the spiralling golden atmospheres we ailgn him with know. Apparently Klimt was also known for wearing a long robe with no undergarments. Nice.

Klimt's erotic oeuvre ranges from figure drawings to wildly imaginative fantasms, from the mythical nymphs frolicking in goldfish ponds to tangles of sketched, nude lovers to the pretty maidens threatened by forest animals. Vienna's most well-known artist didn't get that title just by being a great draftsmen-- these paintings exude a kind of sexiness that is particular only to this golden age of erotic expression in Vienna.

Curated by Lauren YS