Vibe Israel: Omer Fast at Dvir Gallery

December 21, 2013


On behalf of Juxtapoz via non-profit Vibe Israel / Kinetis, I was fortunate enough to visit the flourishing creative (and erotic) scene in the middle eastern State of Israel earlier this month. One of the many museums and galleries that we visited while in Tel Aviv, was the impressive Dvir Gallery, showing a 55 minute film by artist Omer Fast. It explored 24 hours in the life of four separate porn stars, split into four channels. Fast's X-rated video 'Everything That Rises Must Converge' is a bare-all look at the LA porn industry, interwoven with sex, stories of illegal immigration and of course the occasional trauma and tragedy.  His digital film installation is made up of four simultaneous synchronized views, that portray fictional tales in a documentary style experience, overlapping stories and creating a piece of engaging, erotic visual art.

Omer Fast was born 1972 in Jerusalem and currently lives in Berlin. He is a dual Israeli and American Citizen


-Hannah Stouffer

Print / Web Editor