Twelve Bouts of Sensuality

May 08, 2013

Japanese woodblock prints command a space in art history all their own, defining an aesthetic and cultural ethos that is often repeated and played off of in contemporary art today. While Japanese prints attained an undeniable status in the realm of craft and technique, a huge portion of these prints were dedicated to erotic scenes. There are simply endless images of Japanese people having sex--the erotic theme was a household one. "Twelve Bouts of Sensuality" depicts a series of erotic encounters that runs the gamut in terms of location, position, dress, etc. They're as lovely and delicate as they are graphic. These particular images from around 1775-77 show a couple "making love as they anticipate their sushi dinner" in a manner of different positions and arrangements. One could argue that if you've seen one, you've seen them all--still, doesn't it make you want to order in sushi tonight?