Tuesday and Ruiin's Sex Machine

January 05, 2012


Ruiin is a pervert, he really is. Well, he’s not a pervert. He’s just really into sex. He’s openminded. He’s not into sex in a creepy way or a gross way. He’s just like, “Everything is beautiful”, and he sees sex in that way, too.


We met three years ago. Ruiin was working as an airplane mechanic and really wasn’t liking it. He hated the grease, the dirt—all the things boys like, Ruiin really hated. I was working at Hot Topic in the mall and he came in as a shopper. Hot Topic is a big chain store in malls that essentially tells you how to be Gothic. It’s the Gap for the Goth crowd. He came in and I dressed him up in vinyl dresses. Then we started hanging out.



Well, I’ve gone through a lot of name changes recently. I was Raven Solace for a while, but now I’m Ruiin, with two ‘i’s. It’s not really based on anything, it just looks cool when it’s spelled out. I was using Solace as my last name. I liked the meaning, like solitude, being there for someone, being comforting and all those nice things, but Tuesday thinks it sounds too much like the word “lettuce” so I may be changing it.


Sex Machine photography series by Timothy Archibald