To Look at Lindsay

October 18, 2012
"There's nothing intrinsically wrong about looking at pictures of Lindsay Lohan. In fact, there’s something aberrantly fascinating about their slickness and vacuity, and about Lohan as a self-destructive sympathetic figure. Yet, to like Phillips's pictures of Lindsay Lohan is to give oneself over to post-irony and its problematic doublespeak. Populist and positionless, the post-ironic attitude hovers between cool detachment and innocent enjoyment. Like so much “celebreadymade” art (this neologism courtesy of Artinfo editor Ben Davis), Phillips’s Lohan portraits don’t celebrate or satirize or mimetically critique

our complicity in the distorted cult that erected Lindsay Lohan as both goddess and sacrificial lamb. We can have our tragicomic Marilyn pastiche and eat her too."


Richard Phillips, “Lindsay II”, 2012
© Richard Phillips / Courtesy Gagosian Gallery / Photography by Robert McKeever