There's Always Time for A Quickie

November 14, 2012

web-cover2 "Quickies" is a collection of humorous, edgy short stories that leaves readers wondering if having Quickie sex is better than no sex at all. From the hit show “Sex and The City” writer Ollie Levy brings us “Quickies”.  The book starts with the author's own steamy encounter on an early morning trip to the airport.  This inspiration for the collection wastes no time setting the tone of steamy erotic romance, told from a female's perspective that makes up this great body of work. \ Kwik-e \ vb: Something done in less than the usually time - esp: Sexually - a spontaneous sex act with an exciting, humorous edge, taking place in 3 - 5 minutes, Anyhow, Anytime, Anyplace. Let’s face it; Today’s technology is designed to speed things up. “The maximum design, will always save time; and time is Money!” This is the creed of our society, and we apply this philosophy to every area of our lives… except sex. When it comes to sex, we just do without. And that’s not smart… or fun, or wise. Sex is the spice in a relationship, and we should at least get a sprinkle, as often as we can. What we 21st Century couples have to do, is Sync Sex with our Speedy lifestyles, to create a harmonious balance in our relationships.