The Work of Catherine Brooks

September 03, 2014


Driven by  her lust for adventure and a passion for creating, Catherine Brooks has devoted her life to collecting stories and experiences. Drawn to moments and places as if having been called by a terrible serendipity, she spent just this last year, on a 10,000 mile cross country tour by motorcycle, canoe, and finally tall bike. Recently reunited with her long time best friend, collaborator, and muse Tamara Cervenka, they are  basing their operations from behind California’s Redwood Curtain in Eureka.  She may be regularly spotted exploring Endor by bicycle and canoe with her ferret Noodles.

Brooks received a BFA in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute of Art and Design in Brooklyn, NY in 2004. Spent 3 months as Artist in residence  at Campus Hanoi in Vietnam in 2006. She has shown regularly in galleries over the past ten years in New York, Los Angeles, San Fransico, London, Brussels, and Miami.

Developing her own personal mythology, based around tales passed on through oral tradition and legends weathering the rise and fall of empires, Brooks has built a body of work unrestricted by medium or scale. While learning  what is best in both living life and building it, each piece is part of a story, a science fiction diary, rich in allegorical symbolism; not self portraits, but instead intended as  physical manifestations of the lives within her. They reflect her ideas on love, memory, and the quizzical human talent for personifying the cycles of life. Each series of work, for the artist, is a collection of natural diplomacy, pearls, a sensual symbiosis, and hints of tales and legends to come.