The Work of Angela Fraleigh

May 14, 2014


'The process of painting these images alternates between control and chance. Though I paint the figurative elements upright in a traditional manner, I disrupt this practice by laying the canvas horizontal and pouring on to it mixtures of oils and synthetic resin. I go back and forth like this as many times as it takes to resolve the piece. It is generally assumed that I paint the whole work and then pour mixtures on top, but instead it is a back and forth from the very beginning stages.

I liken the experience to a collaborative process, as it inevitably invites indiscriminate painterly moments that I don't intentionally create or control. The migration of paint moving across the panel chemically alters whatever is in its path, destroying the once “precious” image. This results in unpredictable effects, as the pours mix with wet brushed paint. Sometimes the paint will lift and flake the figure, leaving islands of "skin" floating in juicy slabs of paint. Other times it will bead and pool into mitochondrial shaped colonies. Conceptually this allows the paint to function as a protagonist in the narrative. The physicality of the paint both cankers and covers the story obscuring individuals and becoming a carrier of meaning.' Angela Fraleigh