The Psychedelic, Sensual World of Mike Perry

March 26, 2014
  'Mike Perry is a designer and artist working in numerous media: books, magazines, films, newspapers. Perry is intrigued by spiraling galaxies of mind and thought, by questions like, “What is your unique history of Infinity?”  With his work, he wants to remind you of your exquisite magnificence. He seeks to create planetariums of inner space and imagination.  He wants you to recognize our poetic interdependence.  He is seduced, juiced, intoxicated by the ways the hand-drawn informs and transforms contemporary visual culture and the experience of life itself.  His art and installations can be meditative or hyperactively sublime.    His use of color, pattern, and form expresses a joyful spirit and a reverence for the laughter-bliss that is inherent in the human experience.  Perry integrates all moods and sentiments—our yearnings and archetypes—into an aesthetic world that is sometimes minimally evocative of a gouached big bang, and at other times collaged portraits of daydream reveries.  Fields of colors and patterns are doorways to alternative universes that represent your own possibility better than anything you can see.  His forms and characters may appear to be child-like, but these journeys into our essential existential are not.  He seeks to create a new spiritual meme, to remind us to delight when witnessing this ecstatic cosmos.  And he has fun doing it.  He wants you to have fun doing it, too.'