Opening Friday: Eating Out Of The Drain

October 17, 2012



The Popular Workshop is proud to present “Eating Out of the Drain,” an exhibition of new work from California based artists Chris Lux and Dane Johnson.

Presenting documentation and sequential examples of his own artistic process alongside three principal pieces of sculpture and painting, Lux expands upon his own previous work, and articulates a lineage of inspiration that leads from Ingmar Bergman, Depeche Mode, and Balthus, to Sir Hans Sloan,  Pope Pious VI, and Jacobus de Voragine.

Sourced from a collection of objects and contemporary images compiled within the confines of his apartment, Johnson’s work, shown in an array of mediums including painting, photography, print-making, sculpture, and collage, addresses the increasingly abundant and disparate elements of visual culture.  While rejecting cynicism and desensitization, in favor of protection, safety, and above all, pleasure, he defines the artist’s position as a catalyst for correlation and cohesion.

With the work of Lux and Johnson, “Eating Out of the Drain” makes an attempt at a visual language with which to navigate the palimpsest of our societal history, and address where we now find contemporary culture.


Eating Out of the Drain

Chris Lux & Dane Johnson

October 19 - November 17, 2012
Opening Reception Friday October 19, 2012 6 - 10pm

The Popular Workshop
1173 Sutter Street // San Francisco // CA 94109