The Death of Youth: Jess

May 14, 2012

As part of The Death of Youth project, the gorgeously seductive model, Jess, displays a naturally beautiful and innocently provocative aesthetic. 'I photographed 100 women to further demonstrate the fantasy of this lifestyle. The majority of these women do not fit into the typical characterization of "fashion model" that dominates much of today's photography. This provided a more raw and realistic vision of this fantasy. I shot each model one-on-one without lights, make-up artists, stylists or assistants. This provided a much more intimate environment in which I was able to connect with my subjects on a very personal level. On the other hand, these conditions varied greatly from my normal working conditions. Often times I became frustrated, as I had to navigate these sessions without the personnel and equipment I have become accustomed to in my work. The limitations I set for this project were both unique and trying for me, but ultimately produced a final product that truly embodied the intimate nature of this project.'