The Biederer Studio Photographs

January 24, 2013
tumblr_mgkemaZT3O1qzhn4uo1_500 The Biederer Studio aka Studio Biederer was one of the main producers of high quality erotic and fetish photography in Paris in the years between the two world wars. Their photographs explored sensational, explicit, and often ironic fantasies that pushed the boundaries of accepted sexuality. url-1

In 1908 Jacques Biederer, a Czech immigrant, moved to Paris and set up a photography studio. He was joined by his brother Charles in 1913 who helped him run the studio. He most likely began as a portrait photographer who sometime later switched to making erotic studies of undraped figures. His earliest known photographs are of nudes in classical poses which were typical of that era. Over time his compositions became more contemporary. He began to shoot outdoors and created photo-sets that told a simple story, such as a romantic couple cavorting in a park. At first, Biederer signed his photographs. When he began specializing in nudes and more risque subjects, he marked some with his initials J.B. or just a "B" beneath an accent mark, and then stopped signing them altogether. However, many unmarked images can be identified by the frequently used props, set decorations, and theme.


url-2 In the 1920s and '30s, Biederer Studio became well-known for producing sleek, sophisticated photos of erotic nudes and daring images depicting bondage,whipping, and spanking. These compositions made effective use of fetishistic clothing and accessories such as leather and rubber corsets, high-heel boots, leather opera gloves, shackles, chains, chastity belts, and even a metal spreader bar (perhaps the first to be photographed).
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