The Art of Provocative Collage

September 01, 2013

'I am Dennis Busch. Born 1971 in Amstelveen (Holland).Now I am living and working with my family (3 kids) countrysides northern Germany in a little town called Ottersberg. I don’t feel like a “real” artist. I never will become one. I’m a metaphysical bomber, a fool on the hill with a psychedelic black and white rising pyramid in my hands. I started cutting and pasting way back in the late 80’s when i was a “funny” boy looking out for a medium to express myself and escape from dead-end-graveyard-structures of becoming “someone”. I studied art but broke up with it. In my eyes this was the only word I could drop between these silly lines. I run a record label called MILLIONS OF BRILLIANT IDIOTS. It also is the name for my fashion line (handprinted silkscreen t-shirts).  Photography, Collage, Sampling, Tipp-Ex, Object, Silkscreen & Poetry. It all becomes part of my way until now....

Sometimes I think the medium collage is more interested in me than otherwise. Cutting is like creating a new dawn . You need to “See” instead of looking. Cutting always was and is for me a fast and direct way to dive deep into the earthly but cosmic inbetweens of all different dimensions turning and spinning around us. Cutting is NOW AGE. Cut Up instead of Shut Up or Fuck Up. I like the way that everybody can do it. It’s the true medium for a beeing society.'