'Soft and Wet' at Ever Gold Gallery

March 07, 2012

Dropped by Ever Gold Gallery in SF this weekend for a peek at the opening of Sandy Kim's show of photos 'Soft and Wet'. 'Perspective, honesty, and lack of filter reflects on Sandy Kim’s feelings on the surreal microcosm of her life. A life where friends, lovers, and enemies are bound together by the rope of sex, a life where relationships come and go, where friends become lovers who become ex-lovers then enemies and finally friends again...'

A life where heartbreak is never forever, and lust can break or make relationships. For her second solo show at Ever Gold Gallery, Kim acts as a cartographer mapping out the sex degrees of separation that connect us all. The images she captures define the beauty and the ugliness of this incestuous cycle. This network of sex transcends all outdated ideas of social factions, bringing punks, musicians, fashionistas, hipsters, west coast, east coast, artists, yuppies, skaters, gay, straight, the old and the young together. In bed.


Kim’s work invokes historical references specifically Cindy Sherman’s early self-portraiture with a mix of classical American street photography emulating the likes of Larry Clark but instead of heroine junkies, there is a very candid approach and overall shocking look into the depths of the SF and NYC youth.


Kim has also switched the idea of the “female gaze” and redirected it upon “cute long-haired nude or near-nude boys lying on dirty couches in classical repose” according to Ryan McGinley, who also goes on to praise her work, “I like how she still shoots film. It’s old school. She reminds me of when I was young – out partying every night, snapping away so that the pictures can provide evidence of the night.”