Sensual art by Monique

September 10, 2014


'My inspiration comes mostly from intense conversations with confident, beautiful, sensual ladies.… I feel empowered when the result entices people, draws them out and helps them explore their fantasies…It’s not about art, it’s about their reactions…the sheer pleasure of it – mine and yours!

The series is called " Little Secret " referring to the secret identity of many of the models, many of whom are respected ladies in our community; – we see and meet them everywhere on a daily basis. They dared to explore their sensual side, but they have not yet fully exposed their identities… hence, the models are a little secret… Only I know who they are, and I’m not telling...

The drawings portray the sensuality of the female body using various stages of nakedness, with a wink that says they’re teasing and luring in the viewer.  A seductive statement we all secretly want to make. It speaks about the sexuality of its owner, but more importantly it says that you appreciate indulging in sensual foreplay in any setting…but you like to keep that your own little secret...' Monique