SEAN BRANAGAN's Moving Images

January 06, 2012



Sean Branagan's work has a hints of the impossible in it. He doesn't describe the world we know but he creates works that cross the boundaries of reality, varying medium and traditional thought through his moving LCD screen sheets and images.


...he doesn't focus on the scaffolding, in which we communally invest, through language and social order to run our lives - an approach that delivers the comforting satisfaction of affirmation and recognition. Instead he attempts to breach 'The Real', something that differentiates itself from what could be called 'artificial' to be more total, but which is also certainly discernible from the imaginary and fanciful. As a vehicle for 'time', 'light' and 'movement' (elements which are as valid to his practice as more conventional ones of painting such as line, form and colour) the role of the projector and LCD screens have been variously  considered in past pieces.'


For more information on this exhibition and Sean Branagan's work,  please visit the GOODEN GALLERY website:

Construct in the Mind of a Sceptic, 2010 from GOODEN Gallery on Vimeo.

Above image:

Perspex sheeting, acrylic paint, LCD screen (moving image) 60cms x 70cms
Courtesy the artist and Gooden Gallery